Our van build wasn’t about a fad.  It never had anything to do with the so-called #vanlife movement.  We have after all been on and off the road for over 7 years now.  No, this van is (just like our Airstream was before it) for more than just weekending.  We wanted something that was capable, but that also had the aspects of a home since our outings are typically for extended periods.  Sometimes for 5+ weeks at a time.  Sometimes just a week.  
Being in anything for that long, no matter the size, means needing to do a lot of the same things we’d be doing back home, with work being one of them.  It also means never feeling like we HAVE to go home, but rather, going home when we want to. 

I’ve gone over this in prior posts on our other IG feed (@gm3sf) about how some might see traveling as a way to get away from home. It’s not like that for us.   We actually like our home.  I mean, everyone I suppose likes their home. It’s their sanctuary, but there is a reason I guess that vacations are referred to as “getaways”.  To some people home is associated with a stringent schedule, work, the place you start a really shitty commute from.  Our home doesn’t represent or come with a lot of the baggage that some people’s homes might come with.  We don’t have kids to shuttle to school every morning. We both have great schedules and can (almost) come and go as we please.   I guess my point is that we’re never getting away from anything when we’re on the road. Sometimes we prefer to be home. Maybe the weather will be better around home than anywhere we might venture off to. Maybe it’s during a time when things we have to handle are more easily handled at home.  
I’ll confess that now with this pandemic I do wish we could just head out somewhere to “socially distance” ourselves a bit more and just get away from the madness, but in this instance we do have to stay here so Stephanie can tend to her duties as an ICU nurse.   Soon though We'll be back at it and it'll be fine because this van ultimately reached it's potential.  The original goal of this build was what you see in this picture.....to be able to pull into a place like this,  take a hot shower, get some work done, cook a good warm meal and get some rest in a nice, warm bed.... just like at home.
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