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May 5, 2019

Let me start this by giving a little background on the actual purchase of the van:
When we started looking we thought we’d be ordering a 2019.  Mercedes was giving the Sprinters a refresh for the 2019 and we thought ordering one wouldn’t be a big deal.  Man were we wrong.  First problem was that companies like Amazon and Airstream were ordering thousands of these new vans.  The second problem which was compounded by the first is that they just don’t make as many 4x4 Sprinters.  Lastly, we were hearing that MB was experiencing some major quality control issues from their new US manufacturing plant.

We didn’t want to wait for what seemed could be a year and decided to look for a new 2018.  In doing so we found that yeah…..they're REALLY hard to find.  We both sat down at the computer and searched seemingly every dealer in the US.  We called random dealerships and dealerships where a specific person was known to a friend or acquaintance and got the same answer everywhere: 4x4 Sprinters were like unicorns at that point.  Some dealers hadn’t seen a new one for months and had no clue when they would get any, when they could order one or even what their allocation would be.Eventually we hit the jackpot.  Well, Stephanie hit the jackpot.  A dealer in Southern California had TWO 4x4 sprinters on their lot.  Apparently an order had fallen through and they were now available and for sale.  As you can imagine, I couldn’t give them our money fast enough.  Based on all the calls we had made and the people we’d spoken to, these were the last two NEW 4x4 sprinter vans on a lot anywhere in the US.  To make things even more appealing, these vans were really well equipped.  I have a feeling they were for a limo company or something because they had things like a leather steering wheel, Bi-Xenon headlights and a few other things.With everything set up for the purchase we made the drive down to SoCal to buy the van.  Because our builder, Master Overland, is down in the same area, we delivered the van to them ahead of schedule. That leads me to today.  Technically (because Master Overland was finishing up a few other vans before ours) our build was supposed to be starting this month.  Because there was a good bit of exterior upgrades being done on our van and because those were being done outside their shop, they were able to have those things done ahead of the actual interior build.As of right now the following is done and underway:
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