TinTin The Airstream - GM3SF

TinTin The Airstream

TinTin is our 3rd Airstream.  The first one, which we didn't have for very long was a Bambi 16.  It wasn't that we didn't like it.  On the contrary.  It was great, but when we first looked into getting an Airstream we figured we'd love it, but didn't truly have any idea exactly how much so or how often we'd use it.   Well, we did get it and during that first month we spent a LOT of time in it.  We were hooked.  We knew this wasn't something that we wouldn't want, so it wasn't too long before we got the next one, a 19' International.  We had that one for about 2 years before settling on our current Airstream, a 23' International.  It's not exactly "stock" anymore as we took it to Ultimate Airstream in Portland to give the inside a bit of an overhaul, but it's not drastically different.  Not much more to say about it other than to say it's probably one of the most fulfilling purchases we've ever made.


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